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Workshop Testimonials


I’ve taken three of Marjetta’s workshops and each one has been amazing. Her depth of knowledge combined with some really keen insight has helped me immensely.

Melody Maysonet, author of A WORK OF ART



I have worked with Marjetta in many ways. I met her first as a promising student in one of my writing workshops and helped mentor her to her first publication, Fancy White Trash.  Then I found she had a great love of teaching and mentoring like I do, and since, we have taught many workshops and seminars together.  Marjetta is living proof that ‘those who CAN, teach.’  I was a Beta-reader on her newest novel, Reality Check, and I think it showcases everything Marjetta excels at: entertaining the reader with a funny, vulnerable protagonist, keeping them guessing with lots of romance and suspense and in the end, touching them deeply with fully realized emotions.  

Joyce Sweeney, Author of WAKE UP, poems published by Finishing Line Press. 



Marjetta’s next-level workshops always help me dig deeper into my novel than I ever thought I could. Often when I arrive, I’m feeling pretty stuck and discouraged in my WIP. When the workshop comes to a close, Marjetta has unstuck me and I’m ready to dive in once again. I highly recommend them as well as her one-on-one critiques!

Jill Mackenzie, author of Spin the Sky



I’ve known Marjetta for six years. She has been my writing coach and a wonderful workshop leader! As a writing coach she has critiqued my novel and given me great feedback with thorough editing and helpful suggestions.

For the last two years I’ve attended her weekly writing workshops and consider myself privileged to do so.

She has a winning format for the workshops that includes “what’s working” as well as “suggestions for improvement.” She writes comments on our manuscripts during the workshop and takes notes of the other workshop members comments so that we have them to consider during our revision process.

She’s a terrific teacher and I heartily recommend her to anyone looking for help as a fiction writer!

Sara Lee, Fort Lauderdale


Marjetta is one of the best writing instructors  I’ve worked with. She is the master of plot and character development. I leave every workshop Marjetta teaches with newfound knowledge that propels me to the next step in my writing process.  When she critiques your work you walk away with a clear idea of how to craft a book that hooks readers, develops and maintains tension, and leads to a satisfying resolution. I couldn’t recommend Marjetta more.

Stacie Ramey, author of The Homecoming


I have been attending Marjetta’s  Thursday nights critique group for a long time. I never miss one because her coaching is incredibly powerful. Her suggestions and recommendations are always right on, and I walk away every week with more knowledge and more tools in my writing kit. I have to add that the revisions I commit myself to after every one of her workshops reshape my sentences, paragraphs, chapters and sometimes even the entire manuscript for the better. Always well prepared, she knows writing and is an articulate and effective speaker.

I highly recommend any of her teachings, if you can get in her classes. She’s in great demand and deserves to be.

Yves Masson, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Marietta Geerling has helped me improve my craft as a fiction writer over the years in so many ways: She gave me my first gentle and encouraging critique at a writers conference; she hosts creative and lively writing workshops‹no two the same–that always leave me inspired and energized; and she has personally helped me see my way out of  more than one writer’s black hole. As a fiction writer herself, she continuously pushes herself with new techniques and pedagogies, and she¹s incredibly generous in sharing her time and expertise. I recommend her as a teacher and mentor most highly.

Gail Shepherd


If you get a chance to take a workshop with Marjetta, do it.  She’s an outstanding teacher.  Her presentations are funny, engaging, content-rich, and impeccably organized.  She strives to bring her own insights on the writing process into the classroom.  As a result, it’s not just the same ol’, same ol’ that you’ve heard a million times at workshops and conferences.  Her work is truly original, entertaining, and worthwhile.

Trinna S. Frever

Manuscript Critique Testimonials

If it weren’t for Marjetta, I’d have never completed my manuscript. Not only has she mastered the art of articulating exactly what a draft needs, but she also possesses a generosity of spirit.  She talked me back from the ledge multiple times during the writing process and continues to both guide and cheer me on.  My great good luck was finding Marjetta as I was just beginning my project.

Donna, Miami FL



Over the past eight years, Marjetta has critiqued my writing as well as many writers I know. Her insightful feedback is consistently spot on as she points out both strengths and weaknesses in our manuscripts. Not only does Marjetta identify an area in need of improvement, she offers solutions to fix it. Marjetta’s expertise makes her able to take a good manuscript and make it a great one. I highly recommend her services.

Debbie Reed Fischer, author of This Is Not the Abby Show



“Marjetta’s manuscript critiques are always right on the money. I’ve been in her weekly writers’ group for several years now, and her suggestions are unfailingly what I knew in my heart were necessary, but didn’t have the gumption to try. Either that, or I simply lacked the insight to improve the manuscript. She has an uncanny way of knowing what you were trying to say even before you said it. Highly recommended for writers in need of story direction and emotional depth.”

Barbara Dinerman, Coconut Creek, FL


As an English professor for nearly twenty years, I can attest that Marjetta’s skills are strong and her methods are solid.  When you get a critique from Marjetta, you’re not just getting some random person’s opinion.  She has an ideal combination of training in literature, training in creative writing, and firsthand experience as a published writer.  Plus, working with her is just easy and fun!  The question isn’t ‘why should I work with Marjetta?’ but rather, why wouldn’t you?

T.S. Frever