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“…an enjoyable weekend read that teen chick-lit fans will devour.”


“The humor bubbles consistently;"

Publisher's Weekly

“Like the best (and worst) of daytime TV, Fancy White Trash is utterly addictive while living up to its title.”


“…The novel moves breathlessly from one family drama to the next…the likable main character and fast-paced storytelling will appeal to fans of Aimee Friedman’s The Year My Sister Got Lucky" (Scholastic, 2008) and Meg Cabot’s Pants on Fire (HarperCollins, 2007).

School Library Journal

“An honest view of a broken family, as Abby learns that understanding and love are possible even in her "trashy" life.”


“Cute, humorous, and very scandalous, FANCY WHITE TRASH is the next guilty pleasure.”

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"Marjetta Geerling is a master at writing YA literature. She knows how to create characters with fantastic voices,"

A. Padron

"What's not to love about Marjetta Geerling's debut novel Fancy White Trash? Fun, fast-paced, quirky, well-written, and inspiring,"

Kaitlyn Schulz

Read the First Chapter of Fancy White Trash

Abby Savage created her One True Love Plan based on two things: the soap operas she loves to watch, and the family she can’t
believe she’s a part of. Living in a house of five girls, one guy, a baby or three on the way, and one bathroom has taught Abby a
lot about life, love, and how not to be fancy white trash like her mother and sisters.

When Jackson, Abby’s First Love (and first heartbreak) reappears in her life, he threatens to turn her Plan on its head.
But the only thing Abby wants more than True Love is to be different from the other Savage girls, even if that means
walking away from the possible Love of her Life.

Will Abby stick to her Plan, no matter the cost? Or will she discover that some Rules—even good ones—are made to be broken?

Fancy White Trash by Marjetta Geerling