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Book Launch: Support Your Writing Friends

By November 12, 2016Blog

In the past week, two dear writing friends celebrated book launches. Writers are often portrayed as loners and although that’s certainly true sometimes, it’s at a book launch that you get to see the author at her most social and shiny. Because yes, writing is lonely work. Revising is lonely work. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a book to sell and then waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the book to go through production and finally land on bookstore shelves is also lonely.

But a book launch is a party!

A launch for a first book is especially special. For so many years, often since childhood, a writer wonders if she really has what it takes to be an author. Yes, getting an offer is exciting, as are signing a contract, seeing your cover, receiving your ARCs, and planning the launch. There’s no feeling like it in the world, though, when you see people from every aspect of your life all gathered together to celebrate your dream.

Jill MacKenzie’s book launch of her first novel, Spin the Sky, was an elegant party held at a favorite local hangout in Ft. Lauderdale, Warsaw Coffee. Half the space was roped off for her guests, which gave it a V.I.P. feel, and there was a delicious spread of treats and drinks, including clam fritters because in her book, the characters go clamming.

Jill and Me

Jill wore a stunning a dress, spoke a few words of thanks to her guests, and happily signed books for all those gathered. You can see in the photo how happy she was that night, and it’s my hope that she stays that happy for years!


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Happy HomecomingA few days later, Stacie Ramey launched her second novel, The Homecoming. A second novel is also a reason to celebrate. The first book is a dream come true, but the second book means you’ve got what it takes to make writing a career. Because of the title, Stacie planned her book store event around a Homecoming theme. Guests were encouraged to come dressed for Homecoming, and even though I was unable to attend, I joined in the spirit on social media. Stacie Signs

Guests participated in a float decorating contest and a Homecoming King was crowned. More importantly, Stacie used her event and the Homecoming theme to raise awareness and money for Big Dog Ranch Rescue, an organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes dogs, because “everyone deserves a good home.” You can read more about it here on the Tuesday Writers blog.

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Whether an author has a traditional book store launch or a themed party, the important thing is to show up and support your writing friends. Buy a book. Leave a review. It’s just good writing karma.

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