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Marjetta Geerling is the author of Fancy White Trash (Viking Children’s Books, 2008). Fancy White Trash was selected as an American Library Association’s 2009 Best Novels for Young Adults and for the 2009 Rainbow List. Fancy White Trash is a comedic look at socio-economic status at work in a teen girl’s life. Themes of gender identity, coming of age, and the nature of family are also explored. Her second novel, currently on submission, is a transgender love story set on a national stage.

Marjetta grew up in Southern California and attended the Johnston Center for Integrated Studies at the University of Redlands where she designed her own B.A. in Women’s Culture and Creative Expression. She holds an M.F.A. in Writing from Spalding University. 

Marjetta lives in Hollywood, FL and is an Assistant Professor of English at Broward College.

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Marjetta Geerling Won Professor of the Year of Broward College’s Central Campus in 2016!


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I am in awe of the great beauty and power of writing. As a teacher, my first priority is to honor the unique spark of each writer and encourage them to develop their writing to its fullest potential. I am careful to balance my critiques so that students are able to revise with confidence and, hopefully, a spirit of exploration.

Writers need to be readers so I expect my students to read widely and deeply, classics and contemporary work, both inside and out of their personal interests, to experience the scope of what writers do with writing. Reading develops a writer’s sense of rhythm, story, and use of language. I am always happy to suggest authors and titles because I love to share writing that has moved me with others.

Writers must also write, and it is my expectation that students will produce a significant amount of work that we can discuss. In early drafts, I attempt to determine what a student’s goal for the piece is. I ask a lot of questions to stimulate deeper thinking about what the piece can be. In later drafts, my line and page notes become more extensive as I suggest ways to help the writer enhance his or her craft.

My goal is to meet students where they are and assist them in discovering the tools and techniques they need to move their writing to the next level. I value clarity of language and structure, compelling voice, and am always delighted by imaginative, unusual approaches to story telling. Working with writing students is a joyful process, and one I engage in whole-heartedly.

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Fancy White Trash

Fancy White Trash

Award Winning Young Adult Novel

Recognition for Fancy White Trash

American Library Association’s 2009 Best Books for Young Adults

American Library Association’s 2009 Rainbow List, a bibliography of books with significant gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning content

Read the First Chapter of Fancy White Trash


“My Mother’s Heart Stops,” a poem, Penumbra Magazine, vol. 2, Spring/Summer 2013 | Page: 23

5 Regeln Für Mein Zuckersüesses Leben, German translation of Fancy White Trash, published in Germany by Verlagsgruppe Random House, 2011

“Johnston: The Lone Ranger of Alternative Ed,” an essay published in Hard Travelin’ and Still Havin’ a Good Time: Innovative Living & Learning in the Johnston Center 1979-2004, University of Redlands-Trafford Press, 2004